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Our bubbles

Our bubbles

It is a great pleasure to write you again for this second article. This time, I would like to focus on season’s greetings, which are the right moments to taste our soft drink.
On Christmas and New Year’s Day, I would like to suggest you some possible agreements with our different champagnes in order to sublimate your taste buds.
First of all, as an aperitif, all our cuvées are appropriate, make sure these are fresh. On savory appetizers, surprise yourself with our Brut Nature (for adventurers) or with our Agapane (for the sedentary) which will delight your guests by its fruity taste.
Then, the first dishes are traditionally the foie gras with which you savor our Ratafia of fresh champagne (out of the fridge) which, by its softness and its fruity, will exalt the aromas of foie gras. For an appetizer like smoked salmon and/or oysters, the Brut Nature is appropriate. Its mineralogy and its terroir spirit will marry delicately with the seafood and salmon. Our Appogia, with its freshness, can also raise these dishes.

Then, time to dishes a little more consistent. The poultry in sauce agree with a fruity champagne, thin and fresh, the Oriane is appropriate and will not override the dish. For bushmeat or meat a little stronger, you can choose the Agapane or Perlane Rosé with sauces (sweet/salty).

Cheeses can be separated into 3 families. For the strong cheeses (roquefort, blue cheese,…), the Ratafia will be a surprising partner. For creamy cheeses, it is possible to choose the Appogia and for dried cheeses like Gruyère, Comté, Oriane will be a good companion.

Is there room for dessert ? For fruity desserts, the Perlane will be ideal. If the cake is creamy, you should choose our Agapane but in Demi-sec of course. On the other hand, if there are chocolate cakes, you can choose the Oriane and for those who are lucky, Ratafia will thrill them.
To finish, at Christmas, after the distribution of gifts (it is already late …), why not enjoy the Ratafia until the end of the night or if you want to bring a little lightness to this long meal, enjoy our tasty champagnes.

My parents, Jacques and Brigitte, join me in wishing you a happy New Year.