Champagne Faniel
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The Faniel & Fils domain is located on the Champagne Tourist Route, in Cormoyeux, a small winegrowing village snuggled deep into the Brunet Valley in the Marne area. Living along with the seasons, this village holds a geographical singularity that gives it all its charm : its hills, taking the shape of a beautiful natural amphitheatre, offer numerous views on la Marne river.


This singular shape makes the village of Cormoyeux a haven of peace suitable for viticulture and protected from urban unrest.


The vineyard Faniel & Fils benefits from a beautiful sunlight as it faces perfect south.


This exposure allows for an optimal maturation of the grapes. The soil essentially composed of clay and chalk assures the retention of water and trace elements, which are fundemental to the good culture of different grape varieties.



The champagne Faniel & Fils is the fruit of a tight relationship between man and nature, an eternal bond between a nature that offers its most beautiful assets and an expert hand of man that shapes and protects it.


Therefore, every day, the Faniel family works to produce, in harmony with nature, the healthiest and best quality grapes. This is achieved through respect and valorization of the environment thanks to techniques reducing considerably the impact of man. Cover planting, or “enherbement”, of the parcels consists of planting and maintaining a ground cover between the rows of a vineyard; it is a central practice in the work of the vines in the Faniel & Fils’ domain. This method is a true alternative to herbicide treatment and tillage.


The use of prophylactic methods justifies this ambition to develop a viticulture that is preventive and always more respectful of the environment.



As winegrowers, Faniel & Fils only work with their own grapes. Set in the cellars of the old presbytery, the massive vats hold the juice of the different varieties of grapes harvested in the various parcels of the domain. Following the different phases of fermentation, the blending (assemblage) allows the birth of the style of each cuvee by combining vintage wines and wines from previous years made with different grape varieties.


Once the blend is stabilized, it is then bottled and stored in our cellars, protected from the light. It is in the underground of the presbytery that these wines undergo another fermentation that creates this unique effervescence of champagne.
The bottles are then kept in the cellars as long as necessary until their complete maturation.


It is precisely all those slow and precise steps of the production process over several years that allow the different cuvées of Champagne Faniel & Fils to express all their uniqueness and their whole nature.