Champagne Faniel
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The tale of this champagne begins with André Faniel, founding father of the vineyard and the brand. After a first work experience in transportation, André decides to make his youthful dream come true: the vine.


The time is right after World War II and back then, the unique aura of Champagne doesn’t shine as bright as it had been for centuries. The war damaged the notoriety and prestige of this very particular wine.


But that wasn’t enough to shatter André’s dream. The wooded lands he had invested in years before would become the foundation of a new life. Soon, through hard work and convictions, the first bottles are created and they are full of promises. They confirm the quality of this exceptional terroir.



Upon his retirement, André leaves a six-hectare vineyard to his three sons. With hard work and passion, they manage to achieve a beautiful vineyard of eight hectares by marketing the champagne under the same designation as their father. But soon after, it is his son Jacques who gives a new impetus to the history of the family.


In 1992, Jacques Faniel wants to valorize his know-how and his experience as a winemaker and pay tribute to his father’s champagne. With his wife Brigitte, daughter of farmers from the Meuse area, they give form to a vineyard that spreads its vines on a surface of four hectares.


This domain would be named Faniel & Fils as a tribute to their two sons Romain and Mathieu, then aged twelve and six. The legacy is assured.



It is in an old presbytery of the 17th century, located in the heart of the village of Cormoyeux, that a new page would be written in the history of the champagne Faniel & Fils.


The magnificent vaulted cellars of this presbytery allow for optimal conditions of preservation. At the same time, the work on the vines continues. With their expertise, Jacques and Brigitte maintain the vineyard with passion.


All the conditions are gathered to ensure the champagne Faniel & Fils shines. Soon after, the domain expands, along with an increasing number of loyal customers.



The love for the vine continues to be passed on in the heart of the Faniel & Fils’ domain. Since 2008, Mathieu has been helping his parents with the promotion of the family domain.


After completing his studies in viticulture-oenology and a complete professional experience in various French vineyards, Mathieu comes back to the domain of his ancestors to continue writing the history of this very familial champagne.


Thanks to his knowledge and the different techniques he acquired through his professional experiences, he brings a new touch of modernity to the domain without ever betraying the tradition inherited from his forefathers.